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Our Systems Integration Is Complete!

Introducing New Innovations For Your Account Management!

To help you navigate the changes, here’s a quick guide to product and service access for November 4 and beyond. If you have questions, please visit any of our branches, call us at 844.238.4228 or email us today. We’ll help you with any updates to your account and make this transition easy!
Product Additional Tips to Help You Navigate Updates
24-Hr Phone Call 844.238.4228 and use your new Advia account number to access. Your introductory PIN will be the last 4-digits of your Social Security Number (follow prompts to update).
Account Number In October, you received a new account number that you may now begin to use when accessing your account online, calling us or coming into any area branch.
ATMs We are excited to bring you two new Surcharge FREE ATM Networks following our systems integration – Co-Op Network and Alliance One Network. Click for details and to search nearby locations.
ATM Cards & Debit Cards Your new Advia Credit Union card is now ready to use (following activation). Please use your new card before destroying your former GECB card. Your former GECB card will be deactivated on November 4. For payments tied to your Debit Card, please provide payees with your updated card information.
Automated Outgoing Payments Automatic pre-scheduled payments tied to your Debit Card will need to be updated for any payments scheduled on or after November 4. Learn about our Card Swap tool online for popular recurring payments like Netflix and more!
Automatic Transfers Automatic transfers previously set up within Online or Mobile Banking did NOT transfer to your new Digital Banking (will need to be re-established on or after November 4).
Bill Pay Your bill payee information and history from former GECB WILL NOT carry to our new Digital Banking. You will be asked to re-enroll once successfully enrolled into new Digital Banking.
Branches You may now access your account at any Advia location as well as a growing list of shared branch networks.
Checks You may write checks during and following our systems integration, however former GECB checks will not be viewable within Online/Digital Banking after November 4. Visit us on or after November 4 for a FREE replacement box. You’ll only be able to see cleared Advia checks in your new Digital Banking, so ordering FREE new checks is an important step to take.
Direct Deposit Direct Deposits to your account will continue without interruption. Though your account number is changing, we will continue to honor Direct Deposits established with your former GECB account and routing information until sometime in 2021. When setting up any new Direct Deposits following November 4, use your new Advia account number MICR (located at the bottom of your new Advia checks as well as within Digital Banking) and Routing Number (272483633).
Personal & Commercial
Members with a Home Equity LOC or Overdraft Protection Loan received separate notification related to any payment due date change or other adjustment to term. All other terms and conditions of your current personal and commercial-type loan(s) held will not change related to our systems integration.

Any pre-scheduled and automatic loan payments set up on your account will continue following our systems integration, however, those set up via Online Banking will need to be re-established following November 4.
Member Service Access by Phone Please call us at 844.238.4228.
Mortgages In November, members with mortgage loans will receive notification introducing you to our partner Mortgage Center, including updated account number information and payment instructions.
Online, Text & Mobile Banking Your previous Online, Text Banking, Bill Pay, automatic transfers set up online, and Mobile Banking activity did NOT transfer to your new Digital Banking.

Please enroll into new Online/Digital Banking. You’ll need the following to enroll: New Account Number, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Zip Code and Last Name. To complete the login, you’ll receive a 6-digit Secure Access Code to your phone, mobile text or email (must be on system with Advia prior to enrollment).

Mobile Banking users – Please delete your old Golden Eagle Community Bank App and download Advia Credit Union’s mobile app on Google Play Store or the App Store.
People Pay When re-enrolled with new Digital Banking on or after November 4, learn more about Advia’s online P2P solution.
Remote Deposit (Mobile Check Deposit) Once enrolled within our new Digital Banking (see Online & Mobile Banking for enrollment instructions), you’ll be able to use Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) as your mobile check deposit tool.
Statements & e-Statements If you need a copy of an old statement, please contact us. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Your new statements following our systems integration will not include check images of cleared checks. You will be able to see cleared Advia checks in your new Digital Banking (please remember to order new Advia checks on or after November 4 as previous GECB checks will not be viewable within Online/Digital Banking after November 4).
Wire Transfers Please see new wire transfer instructions.
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