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Visa® Debit Card

Our Visa® Debit Card is your 24-hour tool for making purchases and accessing cash. Open a Checking Account to receive.
Earn Advantage Plus Rewards with Debit Card transactions Powered by EMV Chip Card Technology Swipe, Sign, and Tap with Mobile Wallet & payWave® Access 35,000+ Fee-Free CO-OP Network & Alliance One ATMs Stay protected with mobile and email alerts

Earn Advantage Plus Rewards.

Now there are even more pluses to having your Checking with Advia.
3% APY

APY on

Advantage Bucks

Up to $10 Advantage Bucks Monthly2

Loan Rate discount

Up to 1%
APR Loan Rate

CD Rate Premium

0.25% APY
CD Rate

$300 Off5
Mortgage Admin Fees

Mortgage Options

0.125% Off5
Your Mortgage Rate

Mortgage Options
Don't have a Debit Card? Contact us or stop by your local branch.

Using your Advia Visa Debit Card can help you qualify for Advantage Plus Rewards!

Three simple qualifications each month:
Get 1%

Have a Checking Account

including Regular, Assurance, or Money
Market Checking.
Get 2%

e-Deposit at least $400

Direct Deposit, ATM, and Mobile Deposit
(RDA) all qualify.
Get 3%

Make at least 20 purchases

combined with your Advia Visa® Credit
and Debit Card.

Visa® security at your fingertips.

Discover the ways we're keeping your account safe with text message security.

Get the most out of your Visa® Debit Card.

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