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Overdraft Protection Options

Advia offers a variety of services to help avoid overdrafts and ensure your Debit Card transactions and checks process correctly.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is an automatic, discretionary service for account holders in good standing (subject to a service charge). In the event your Available Balance is not sufficient to cover your checks, internet bill payments, and other pre-authorized payments, this service may help ensure the transaction is paid.

To allow Courtesy Pay to cover insufficient one-time Debit and ATM Card transactions, however, you must opt-in. In Digital Banking, select Cards > Overdraft Opt-In from the menu.

A fee of up to $34.50 will be charged each time Advia pays an overdraft, with no limit on total fees. Standard overdraft practices include the authorization and payment of overdrafts for checks, transactions made using a Checking Account, and automatic bill payments. Overdraft payments are made at Advia's discretion, and Advia makes no guarantee that a transaction will be authorized or paid. Advia will not authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM transactions or everyday Debit Card transactions, unless requested to do so. To remain in good standing, a Checking Account balance may not be negative for more than fourteen (14) days.

Overdraft Transfers

Overdraft Transfers within your account allow the transfer of funds from another share or Advanced Line of Credit to your Checking in the event your Available Balance is not sufficient to cover your transaction (subject to a service charge).

In Digital Banking, select Preferences > Overdraft Preferences from the menu to get started.