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Enhance your account safety with our new Card Management features, accessible directly through Digital Banking. Manage your Visa® cards effortlessly, all in one place, with features like:

  • Toggle cards on or off
  • Report cards lost or stolen (coming soon)
  • Control transaction amounts and types
  • Restrict card use by location
  • Receive real-time alerts by text and/or email
  • Manage cards while traveling


Update your card information for popular online shopping & streaming services.

Frequently asked questions.

Yes! Many European countries and all other major markets have already adapted to EMV technology. Having a chip-enabled card will make transactions in those countries easier as well as safer.

All Advia Debit and Credit Cards now come equipped with EMV technology.

At a merchant checkout (if terminal is chip-enabled), you will insert the card into the bottom of the terminal. Keep your chip card in the terminal until the transaction is completed, giving the chip time to transmit the information to the merchant. If the merchant terminal is not set up to process EMV cards, you will swipe your card as normal.

For Phone or Online purchases, you can make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. When making online purchases, always look for the pad lock icon and secure purchase sites with addresses that begin with https:// (the 's' stands for secure)

Magnetic strip cards contain sensitive information that stays the same with each transaction. This makes it easier for criminals to make duplicate copies since the information isn't changing. The chip however, creates a unique transaction code each time the card is used to make a payment, making it much harder for someone to replicate. If a criminal did replicate the card chip information, the transaction code wouldn't be usable again, therefore, the purchase they would try to make would be denied.

EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) card technology is a special magnetic chip that is uniquely created with each card. The embedded microprocessor chip stores and protects cardholder data during card-present sales, making it harder for criminals to produce counterfeit cards. Previously, card information was stored on a magnetic strip (magstrip) which provided an easier way for criminals to reproduce cards. The new chip technology will help increase security and reduce fraud associated with card-present purchases.

If your card number has changed, and you have recurring payments tied to your card (example: monthly gym membership), you'll want to contact these billers and update your card information on file. Payments scheduled following your date of activation will not work tied to your old card on account.

You'll still insert your card following the prompts provided to you at the ATM or merchant terminal. If using an EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa) Chip enabled terminal, make sure to insert (when prompted) with the chip facing into the machine. Some ATMs feature Chip Reader technology – if so, follow the on-screen or printed prompts at the machine.

If your card is vertical in design, it is your Debit Card, tied to your Advia Checking account for purchases wherever Visa is accepted worldwide. It also acts as your ATM Card - use at any of our 35,000+ Fee-Free CO-OP Network and Alliance One ATMs. If your card is horizontal in design, it's your Visa Platinum Credit Card.

If you'd like to update your PIN (or if it becomes necessary to select a PIN), call 888.891.2435.

EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa) chip cards provide an additional layer of security at chip-enabled terminals; however, perpetrators continue to look for new opportunities to commit fraud. Advia helps protect your card with around-the-clock fraud protection monitoring!

The greatest protection occurs when the card is inserted into a chip-enabled terminal. In select cases, however, the merchant may not have this updated terminal. In other cases, members may choose to swipe their card, pay online, or over the phone.

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