Visa® Debit Card

Visa® Debit Card for purchases and access to cash.

Open your Checking Account and get one today.

Visa® security at your fingertips.

Enhance your account safety with our new Card Management features, accessible directly through Digital Banking. Manage your Visa® cards effortlessly, all in one place, with features like:

  • Toggle cards on or off
  • Report cards lost or stolen (coming soon)
  • Control transaction amounts and types
  • Restrict card use by location
  • Receive real-time alerts by text and/or email
  • Manage cards while traveling


Update your card information for popular online shopping & streaming services.

At a merchant checkout (if terminal is chip-enabled), you will insert the card into the bottom of the terminal. Keep your chip card in the terminal until the transaction is completed, giving the chip time to transmit the information to the merchant. If the merchant terminal is not set up to process EMV cards, you will swipe your card as normal.<br><br>For Phone or Online purchases, you can make purchases wherever Visa is accepted. When making online purchases, always look for the pad lock icon and secure purchase sites with addresses that begin with https:// (the 's' stands for secure)

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