Shared Branching

Shared Branches allows you access all across the U.S. Advia Credit Union Members can access their accounts at over 5,000 credit unions and CU Family Service Centers across the United States. All you need is your credit union account number and a photo ID. Once identified, you'll be able to take advantage of all of your credit union services and transactions appear in your account instantly.

Shared Branches FAQs

Some, but not all, credit union branches are available for shared branching. Please use the Branch Locator to find these credit unions.

  • Other services, such as Money Order or Gift Cards purchases, might be available at a credit union shared branch outlet
  • These other services can vary by location

  • Yes, most of the transactions will be the same; however, there are a few exceptions. The following policies and procedures are used in shared branching outlets:Available Funds: Some funds in your account might be held by your credit union and therefore cannot be withdrawn at a shared branch outlet. For example, there could be a minimum balance on the account, or funds held until a check clears. Please contact your credit union to learn more about its hold policy.
  • Cash Returned to Members: The maximum amount of cash that you can receive might be different at each location; however, each location must make at least $500.00 in cash available to each member.
  • Check Cashing: Shared Branching Outlets cannot cash a check. Instead, the entire check will be deposited. Then, if funds are available, a withdrawal can be made up to the Available Funds. Your credit unions policy determines the number of days and dollar amount of funds held with the deposit.
  • Payroll Checks: A "payroll check" can only be processed as a payroll check if the member also provides a pay stub. Remember, your credit unions policy controls the available funds after depositing a payroll check.
  • Withdrawal after Depositing a Check: Withdrawals can be done at any time, up to the Available Funds in your account.

No, not all credit union branches are able to perform transactions on behalf of another credit union.
Advia Credit Union is NOT an outlet. To locate an outlet, use the Branch Locator to find the nearest CU Service Center outlet.
What members need to know about Shared Branch Outlets:

  • You must know the name of your credit union and your account number to conduct business. There is no capability to lookup your account number.
  • A valid state issued driver's license or ID Card with a picture is required before any transactions and balance inquiry can be performed
  • Holds and check acceptance policies may differ from those at your own credit union office

Credit unions are a unique financial institution in many ways. They are unique because they are owned by you and all of the other members of your credit union. And, they are unique because they believe in and practice cooperation with other credit unions. Another example of the uniqueness of credit unions is shared branching, where the members of one credit union are able to perform transactions at the branch of another credit union. Credit union branches that are able to perform transactions for guest members of another are referred to as an outlet.