24-Hour Telephone Banking

Step-by-step guide to dialing for account information, transferring money within your account, and more.

  • Check balances
  • Make payments
  • Transfer checks
  • Review recent activity
  • And more

Getting started with Telephone Banking.

Get up-to-minute account information as well as transfer money, hear recent transactions, and so much more.

Step 1

To obtain a PIN, simply give us a call at 844.238.4228 or stop by your local branch. You can choose your own 4-digit PIN at this time.

Step 2

To call in to Telephone Banking, call 844.238.4228 and select Option 6 or just say Phone Banking. Follow the prompts by entering your Member ID (Account Number) and 4-digit PIN. Then select from the initial menu: Option 1 - Select an account to work with; Option 2 - Transfer money; Option 3 - More Choices.

Changing your PIN.

Call Phone Banking, from Menu Option 3, select 1 – Change PIN and enter your NEW 4-digit PIN. Re-enter the same 4 digits. You’ll receive confirmation that your PIN has been changed. Select ‘#’ to return to the previous menu, or simply end your call.