P2P Payments

Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments

Comparable to other payment platforms like Venmo or PayPal, P2P allows members to easily transfer money to friends and family right within Digital Banking.

  • Send and receive funds with Digital Banking
  • Receive email and text alerts when sending or receiving money
  • Can be used by individuals and businesses
  • No need to download multiple cash apps
  • And more!
P2P Advantages
P2P Security
Digital Banking

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Welcome to the brand-new P2P experience.

Simply log in to Digital Banking from any device, click Transfers & Payments in the menu, then Pay a Person (P2P). Current and previous users will have to enroll one time to send money.

P2P Advantages

Schedule, view, and edit one-time & recurring payments.

Payments can be scheduled and received the same day if processed prior to the 4 p.m. cut-off time. Setting up recurring payments is easy and can be accessed any time within P2P.

Split payments between multiple people.

Amounts can be split among recipients in any way you wish.

Add emojis to messages and more.

The memo in your message is optional but can support emojis and special characters.

Coming Soon - Import friends and family from your contact list.

Simply download right from your mobile phone or add manually. Your contacts don’t have to be members of the Credit Union to receive money.

P2P Security Features

Set up one-time security questions to authenticate the person receiving funds.

Payers can create custom security questions and answers for the recipients to ensure the payment is going to the correct person.

Receive email and text alerts when sending or receiving money.

Set up alerts to receive reminders about upcoming payments and when payments are sent and delivered.

Debit Card information will no longer be needed.

Payments are sent from a Member’s Checking or Savings account and can be claimed by a recipient using a debit card or bank information.

View transaction history right in Digital Banking.

Review transactions and provide proof of payment at any time.

Frequently asked questions.

Recurring payments will not transfer over. Users will have to manually add their recurring payments into the platform to ensure the timely processing of their upcoming transactions.

No. Existing P2P users will need to re-enroll and create new accounts. Their previous accounts will not transfer over.

P2P functions similarly to a cash transfer service and is meant to send money to a trusted person. It is not intended to be used to pay for goods and/or services.

Unfortunately, no. At this time, international phone and routing numbers are not supported.

Yes. Daily limits are set at $1,500 for existing P2P users (those previously enrolled before June 30, 2022) and $500 for new P2P users. Existing P2P members will be able to transfer up to $1,500 per day and a total of $5,000 within a week/per month. New P2P members will be able to transfer up to $500 per day and a total of $1,500 within a week/per month.

If the recipient enters their debit card information, the transfer is instant. However, if they enter their account information and routing number, the transfer may take up to 2-3 business days. In this option, the transfer is converted to an ACH payment.

No, members will not need to have an Advia Debit Card to utilize P2P payments. However, they will need to be enrolled in Digital Banking to access the platform and conduct transactions.

No. The payer must be a member, the recipient does not need to be a member. As long as the payer has the recipient's email or mobile phone number, they should be able to send money. The receiving financial institution must accept P2P-type payments in order for the recipient to receive. If they do not, the recipient will receive an error.

If a P2P recipient requires a new payment link, a payer may cancel the scheduled P2P payment and then send a new one. For additional security, the payer can create a custom security question and answer that only the recipient of the payment will be able to answer. If the payer would like to cancel the payment within 7 days of sending and the recipient has not accepted the funds, Advia can cancel the payment and the funds will be instantly returned.

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P2P Payments do not allow for chargeback rights. If you have initiated a transaction in error or as the result of a fraudulent scam, we may make a reasonable effort to stop or recover a payment made to the wrong person or entity once informed, but we do not guarantee such stoppage or recovery and will bear no responsibility or liability for damages resulting from information entered by the Payer or Recipient.