CardSwap is the easiest way to update your Advia Card information for over 50 of your favorite online shopping and streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Walmart, and Hulu.1

Save time by removing the hassle of visiting each company's site and make these updates all in one place.

Setup CardSwap
Current Vendors
Enroll in Digital Banking

Setting up CardSwap is simple.

  1. Once logged into Digital Banking, choose My Cards, then CardSwap
  2. Choose Get Started
  3. Scroll through the list of available companies and select the ones you'd like to switch to your Advia card. Then, click Next in the top right corner.
  4. Add your Advia Debit or Credit Card information and click Verify Card
  5. Complete the login fields for each company you selected as instructed
  6. Choose Continue

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CardSwap frequently asked questions.

CardSwap is the convenient way to update your Advia Debit or Credit Card at your favorite online shopping and streaming services without the hassle of visiting each vendor’s site. Whether your card number changes or you’re switching from another financial institution’s card, CardSwap makes it easy to update your information all in one place.

Companies that participate with CardSwap are constantly being updated. If the company you are looking for is not listed, please contact us by email or by calling 844.238.4228.

Please contact us at 844.238.4228 or use our Secure Message option within Digital Banking if you experience problems with CardSwap. We'll work to troubleshoot the issue.

There is a "Get Help" link on the left side of the area where you enter your credentials. You'll be redirected to that company's site to get help resetting or remembering your password.

CardSwap notifies you to allow 24 hours for the payment information to be updated with the vendor. In many instances it only takes a few minutes to see the changes and many vendors will notify you by email that your information has been updated.

Yes. If your subscription has lapsed, you must first renew with the company, and then CardSwap will allow you to update your payment information to your Advia Card.

No. You have to have an Advia Debit or Credit Card in order to use CardSwap. There is no ACH option at this time.

  1. None of the listed companies are associated with, sponsor, or endorse this product.