Advia Account Transfers


Step-by-step guide to making transfers to another Advia Member Account.

  1. Transfer Funds From: Select the account type to withdraw funds
  2. Transfer Funds to Account: Enter the account number you are transferring the funds
  3. Account Verification: Enter the first 3 letters of the receiving primary account holder’s last name (if a business, use the first 3 letters of the receiving business’ name (Example: Smith = SMI)
  4. Destination Account Type: Select Share if depositing to a savings or checking; Select Loan if making a payment towards a loan (not available for Advia Visa or Mortgage Loan)
  5. Transfer Funds to ID: Enter the 4 digit Share ID or Loan ID to receive the funds (Example: A Primary Savings Share ID will typically be 0000. A Checking account Share ID is typically 0009 or 0011) If you are unsure of the 4 digit ID, please contact the recipient account holder for clarification
  6. Transfer Amount: Enter the dollar amount of the anticipated transfer
  7. Submit: To complete your transaction, click Submit You will receive a confirmation screen indicating that your transfer has been processed successfully.

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