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Bonus Bills Prize Winners

Advia Credit Union Encourages Saving
by Giving Teen New Laptop

Bonus Bills Grand Prize Winner

Meet Kimberly Pryor, 17, this year's Bonus Bills Grand Prize Winner!

Kimberly Pryor, 17, loves kids. As the recent grand prize winner of Advia's Bonus Bills, a savings account specifically designed to encourage and reward teen savers, Kimberly is the proud owner of new laptop, a prize she plans to use in working toward her goal to one day have a career teaching and mentoring children with special needs.

Advia Credit Union's Bonus Bills' account helps encourage sound financial decisions by weighting the prize drawings toward Members with higher account balances. Every $25 net increase to a teen's monthly balance gets him or her an entry for a monthly gift card drawing and goes toward the grand prize at the end of the year. In addition to the prize incentives, teens also win by building up their savings accounts and learning how to incorporate saving into their lives.

Kimberly is a junior student at Covenant Christian High School in Grand Rapids and appears to be on the right track to learning and practicing smart money management skills. But for many of today's young adults, the weakest link lies in learning the basics. According to a 2014 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Junior Achievement USA (2014 Teens and Personal Finance Survey), 40% of teens do not have a savings account, checking account, or debit or credit card, and 59% of teens do not have money management classes offered at their schools.

The Bonus Bills Program is continuing this year and Advia Credit Union looks forward to rewarding more teens for saving their money.

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