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Wire Transfer

We make it simple to wire money — to just about any financial institution inside or outside of the U.S.

  • Funds usually available the same day
  • No dollar amount limit

We're here to help you with your outgoing wire transfer needs. To get started, simply visit your local branch or contact us at 844.238.4228, select Option 0 to reach our Member Contact Center. We will help you complete this transfer with our convenient electronic authentication process.

Available Timeframes for Scheduling

Outgoing Domestic Wires (8:00 am and 3:30 pm EST Monday through Friday)
Outgoing International Wires (8:00 am and 1:00 pm EST Monday through Friday)

Please note - wires are not sent on weekends and Federal Holidays.

Often times, Financial Institutions will use a large institution, known as an intermediary institution, to process wire transfers. Advia Credit Union's intermediary account is with Alloya Corporate Credit Union located in Southfield, Michigan. All wires must initially route to Alloya, and then be credited to Advia Credit Union prior to being credited to the individual's account to receive the funds.

Available Timeframes for Scheduling

Incoming Domestic Wires (received 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday, through Friday)

Please note - wires are not received on weekends and Federal Holidays.

Receiving Financial Institution Information

In order for an incoming wire to be completed by the Federal Reserve, all information related to the routing through Alloya Corporate CU to Advia must be included. If not, the Federal Reserve will return the wire request to the financial institution where it was initiated. Please use the following Receiving Financial Institution routing information:

Alloya Corporate CU (may appear as Mid-State Corporate FCU)
ABA Number: 271987635
Alloya Corporate CU Address: 184 Shuman Boulevard, Suite 400 Naperville, IL 60563
Credit to: Advia Credit Union
Account Number (Advia's R&T): 272483633
Final Credit to Beneficiary: Receiving Member's Name and Account Number (Please reference full 13-digit MICR number for designated Share to receive; otherwise, will be deposited into Share Savings).

International Incoming Wires

Advia Credit Union only accepts wire transfers from U.S. financial institutions. For international incoming wires, funds must first be wired to a financial institution within the United States. Then, funds may be wired to Alloya for further crediting to an Advia account

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