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Get Organized & Go Green With e-Services
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Go green and paperless with Advia’s e-Services.


Have you ever noticed all the clutter that can build up from junk mail, paper bills, receipts, and outdated paperwork? In addition to helping you get organized, reducing paper in your banking can be a great way to save time, energy and reduce opportunity for identify theft. Here are just a few tools we offer that can help you (and our Earth)!

Go green and paperless with Advia’s e-Services.

1. Switch from paper statements to e-Statements.

What are the benefits of going paperless? There are many! You’re helping the environment by preventing trees from being cut down and reducing waste. You’re reducing the possibility of fraudsters getting your private information from either dumpster diving or taking mail out of your mailbox. And when you switch from paper statements to e-Statements with Advia, you’re saving money. e-Statements are always free and offer up to 30 months of account history. Paper statements may be costing you in service charges.

How do e-Statements work? You can choose to view your Checking, Savings, and Credit Card statements all from your computer or phone. Each month or quarter, depending on the account, you will receive an email letting you know your e-Statement is ready to be viewed either in Digital Banking or our Credit Card My Card Info site.

Enroll in e-Statements: For Checking and Savings Accounts, log in to Digital Banking, click Preferences in the left-hand menu, then Statement Preferences. Choose e-Statement from the drop-down menu and fill in your email address. For Credit Card e-Statements, within Digital Banking, click on your Credit Card and then go to the Account Info drown-down menu and choose e-Statements. Learn more about Digital Banking and e-Statements.

2. Have your paycheck directly deposited into your account.

While it can feel great to hold a paycheck in your hand on payday, skip the paper check and the trip to the branch by having your paycheck directly deposited into your Checking or Savings Account. Did you know that with Advia’s Early Pay Advantage, it may even save a day or two in getting paid?  Check with your employer to see if they offer Direct Deposit and learn how to enroll in Direct Deposit.

3. Move money more easily without paper checks or IOUs.

Have you ever been out to eat with a friend and had to split the bill? Without cash or a complex mathematical equation (thank goodness for the calculator app), splitting the bill can be a pain. You may end up with a few paper checks or IOUs written on a napkin to cover your friend’s bill until next time. Well, now you can avoid all that with P2P (Person-to-Person) Payments. Simply use your friend’s name plus email or cell phone number to pay them instantly, for free. Here’s another situation, have you ever written yourself a check to move money from one account to another or from one financial institution to another? We have an easier solution. Save paper and time by simply using our external transfers feature within Digital Banking.

4. Lighten your wallet by removing receipts and your cards.

Transaction and purchase receipts can be a mess. They can really accumulate in your wallet, purse, couch cushions, floor of your car… but not anymore. Advia, along with many retailers, now offer the ability to have your receipt emailed to you. This is a great way to reduce paper and help you save any important receipts digitally and stay more organized.

And while we’re on the topic of cleaning out your wallet, another awesome e-Service that Advia offers is Mobile Wallet Solutions. Our Debit and Credit Cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay so you can easily and securely use your phone as payment at checkout. Have an Apple Watch? You can use that too. When you enable your Apple Watch to mimic your iPhone, you can use Apple Pay at checkout and simply double tap the side button on the watch and it hold it near the card reader. NEW: You can also enable Advia’s Digital Banking on your Apple Watch to easily check balances and view recent transactions. Set up your Apple Watch within our Mobile Banking App under Settings, Apple Watch.

Being green by going paperless and using Advia’s e-Services is a great way to save paper, save time, and save money. Begin keeping the clutter at bay by using our e-Services such as e-Statements, P2P Payments, Direct Deposit, and External Transfers. Happy cleaning.