Community Room

Advia is committed to advancing lives in our communities. One way we do this is by welcoming organizations to utilize community rooms within select locations.

How to reserve an Advia Community Room.

Rooms are available to groups Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM ET and on Saturdays from 9AM to 12PM ET. Organizations are eligible to use available community rooms up to six (6) times within the calendar year. No long-term or month-to-month agreements for rooms will be made.

Large Community Room

The Large Community Room can accommodate up to 150 people seated comfortably. It is equipped with a large projector screen, surround sound, and Bluetooth sound connection. This room is great for networking events, conferences, and more.

Small Community Room(s)

Our Small Community Room can be utilized as one room or partitioned into two. This room is great for smaller groups of around 25 people. The best use of this room is for board meetings, think tanks, etc.

See inside our spacious and versatile community rooms.

Large Community 1 Large Community 2 Large Community 3 Large Community 4 Small Community 1 Small Community 2 Small Community 3 Small Community 4