Member Impact

In 2023, Advia championed providing real advantages in our communities. Free Guaranteed Asset Protection for low-income families was just one example to help instill peace of mind and assurance for members that they wouldn't face an additional burden in the event of a total vehicle loss.

Our commitment extended to fostering financial wellness.

We saved members money through debt consolidation programs and worked to help improve credit health in the form of Credit Saver Loans. At Advia, our dedication to advancing lives in our neighborhoods stands as a testament to our guiding mission of improving the well-being of our members.

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Free GAP Coverage
Safeguarding Our Community

Nearly 831 loans funded, delivering free Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) and saving our members an impressive $383,925 and counting.

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Debt Consolidation
Unlocking Financial Freedom

Our debt consolidation loans have saved members a staggering $6.1 million in interest.

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Credit Score Health
Fostering Financial Potential

1,496 Credit Saver Loans funded, totaling $1.63 million, have empowered members to enhance their credit and amass significant savings.

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Low-Cost Auto Loans
Driving Financial Success

A total of 11,125 new auto loans in 2023, amounting to an impressive $307.8 million, ensuring our members stay on the road to their goals.

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High Yield Rewards
Unlocking Advantages

Join the 46,359 members enjoying exclusive benefits as Advantage+ Members.

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Growing Members Served
Spreading the Wealth

Welcomed 19k New Members in 2023