Financial Contribution

At Advia, our mission is to deliver real advantages for real people, and this commitment is central to our community initiatives. In 2023, we allocated over $400,000 to support community events and sponsorships, provided $40,000 in scholarships, and made significant contributions in area donations. Our dedication to making a meaningful impact remains steadfast.

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Unlocking Community Growth

Total Sponsored: $404,846

Organizations Supported: Over 175

Our commitment to community impact is reflected in the extensive sponsorships provided, empowering over 175 organizations to thrive.

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Youth & Aviation Scholarships
Nurturing Dreams, Fostering Futures

Scholarship Amount: $40,000

Recipients: 30 for Youth, 2 for Soar Higher

Investing in education and dreams, we proudly support the aspirations of 30 youths and elevate 2 others to Soar Higher through aviation scholarships.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Advancing Lives Grants
Impacting Lives Through Grants

Total Grants Afforded: $117,000

Non-Profit Organizations Supported: 26

Empowering Local and Meaningful Initiatives

Credit Union Donations

Recipient Organizations:

  • Hawaii Wildfires
  • Southgate Senior Center
  • Parchment Memorial

Our commitment to local communities shines through targeted donations, supporting essential organizations and initiatives.

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Gage Marine Donations
Sailing Together for Community Well-being

Total Organizations Supported: 15

Total Donated: $7,500

Partnering with Gage Marine, we contribute to the welfare of our communities, supporting 15 organizations with a total donation of $7,500.

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Health Icon

American Heart Walk Match
Heartfelt Contributions, Collective Impact

Total Donation Matched: $4,500

In solidarity with the American Heart Walk, our matched donation of $4,500 reflects our dedication to fostering heart health and community well-being.