Positive Pay

Optimize business operations and fortify against fraud with Advia's Positive Pay.

  • Detects suspicious activity in both checks and ACH transactions
  • Safeguards your business reputation and minimizes financial risks
  • Streamlined features include simplified account reconciliation, strengthened audit trails
  • Low monthly service charges
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What is Positive Pay?

Positive Pay is available to business members of all sizes to help stop check and ACH fraud. Positive Pay matches the account number, check number, and dollar amount of each check or ACH debit presented for payment against a list previously authorized and issued by your company.

  • Provides an automated process to prevent unauthorized debits from clearing your account
  • Receive notices of unauthorized attempts to electronically debit your account before the debit hits the account
  • Authorized company users may bypass the system to allow an ACH debit to be paid
  • Assign daily allowable limits for specific vendors
  • Prevent fraudulent checks from clearing your account by reviewing items considered to be "exceptions"
  • Maintain tighter control over checks clearing your account by submitting an electronic check issue file
  • Check number and dollar amount fields for each paid check are screened and matched
  • Create different user levels for internal security controls
  • Access a variety of reports to help improve the reconciliation process
  • Secure online multifactor authentication
  • Manage exceptions in a timely manner with email notifications
  • Low monthly bundled service charge for both Check and ACH Positive Pay available
  • Reduce risk of financial loss
  • Safeguard your organization's reputation
  • Enhance visibility of check activity
  • Solidify internal controls and reinforce audit trails
  • Minimize disruption to operations
  • Simplify account reconciliation
  • Save time by reviewing only exceptions

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Positive Pay accelerates identification of mismatched checks, enhancing accuracy in account activity reconciliation. Track issued, paid, voided, and outstanding checks for reference.

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