Introducing Marketplace Store.

Access to financial-solution apps, many are free. Build a system that works for your small business.

Advia is pleased to announce that we have added a new option to Digital Banking called Marketplace Store.

The Marketplace Store gives small businesses access to helpful financial-solution apps, many of which are free, to help create the perfect system for your unique financial needs.

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The Homebase app.

The first app available in the Marketplace Store is Homebase, a service that partners with over 100,000 small businesses and is the easiest way to schedule, hire, and improve team communication - for free! Homebase has built modern software for local businesses and their employees to make hourly work easy. Advia is excited to offer our business members the Homebase app as an affordable resource for live, all-in-one HR support.

  • Access the schedule builder to see to real-time edits, time-off requests, and preferred availability
  • Offer more ways to communicate team schedules
  • Ensure compliance with predictive scheduling measures
  • Utilize shift notes for daily tasks and optimized task lists
  • Keep labor costs lean with sales vs labor forecasting
  • Post to multiple job boards for free with 200+ job descriptions to choose from
  • Manage applicants in one place and set up interviews
  • Create a new hire onboarding packet with required and custom documents with e-signatures
  • HR Pro: Access to live HR advisors, documents, an employee handbook builder, and much more
  • Download free iOS and Android apps for managers and employees to communicate quickly
  • Get real-time labor costs, late alerts, and shift reminders
  • Trade shifts and change schedules on the fly
  • Keep managers and employees informed of daily changes, announcements, and updates

Getting started with Homebase.

Step 1

Log in to Digital Banking, click Menu, Marketplace, Store, then select the Homebase app.

Step 2

Select a free or paid edition; all paid plans come with a 14-day free trial, after which billing will start.

Step 3

After you select your plan, either free or paid, you will be prompted to create your Homebase account.

Step 4

Once set up, download the free mobile app, manage your business from any device.

Need more help?

You can contact Homebase support to get more in-depth assistance or questions answered.

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Advia is not responsible for support of third-party services. All Marketplace apps are serviced by their respective providers. Paid options available. Future Marketplace Store apps coming soon.

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