Security on Your Visa® Card

Advia Credit Union is dedicated to providing the best in security protection on your Platinum Visa® Credit and Debit Card.

We understand that you rely on these cards every day for credit and debit purchases. That's why we work hard to prevent possible fraudulent activity made on your account, dispute unauthorized activity on your account, and get you back on track in the least amount of time possible to reissue your Debit or Credit Card.

Manage your cards with confidence and ease! Enjoy enhanced security and control, all in one place through Digital Banking.

  • Card On/Off Toggle
  • Customizable Card Controls
  • Card Alerts
  • Travel Notifications
  • And More

Visa is constantly working to protect your payment information.

  • Device ID
  • Tokenization
  • Predictive Fraud Analytics
  • Point-to-point Encryption
From time to time, you may be contacted by our fraud protection team to confirm a recent purchase. It's important you maintain contact info with us.
Smart tools to help against the evolving threat of identity theft.

Report Fraudulent Activity

If you notice suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us immediately. If contacting us during normal business hours, please call 844.238.4228. Outside normal business hours, please call 833.371.8977.

Report Lost/Stolen Card

Can’t find your card? Don’t delay – if you think your card may be lost or stolen, report it to us immediately at 844.238.4228. We can place a temporary hold on your card while you look for it or cancel it so you can get a new instantly issued card at any of our branch locations.

Travel Notification

Keep your card secure by setting up travel notifications using Card Management in Digital Banking. It’s quick, easy, and ensures uninterrupted card use while you're away. You may also call 844.238.4228 or visit us at any branch.