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NEW Advantage Plus Rewards

Now there are even more pluses to having your Checking with Advia.
3% APY

APY on

Advantage Bucks

Up to $10 Advantage Bucks Monthly2

Loan Rate discount

Up to 1%
APR Loan Rate

CD Rate Premium

0.25% APY
CD Rate

Start qualifying this September to earn NEW Advantage Plus Rewards in October.

We’ve simplified our monthly qualifications, so you'll only need to:
Get 1%

Have a Checking Account

including Regular, Assurance, or Money Market Checking.
Get 2%

e-Deposit at least $400

Direct Deposit, ATM, and Mobile Deposit (RDA) all qualify.
Get 3%

Make at least 20 purchases

combined with your Advia Visa® Credit and Debit Card.

NEW Advantage Plus Rewards earned

based on meeting qualifications from the previous month:

NEW Advantage Plus Rewards and when they will begin:

3% APY Checking1
Applies to balances up to $5,000 in Regular and Assurance Checking only.
October 1, interest begins to accrue
Applied to Checking on October 31.
Up to $10 Advantage Bucks2
Applies to paper statement fees, out-of-network ATM charges, CU Service Center transactions, check orders, & overdraft transfer fees.
November 1, account will be credited back.
Applied to service charges received in October. Advantage Bucks do not carry over to the next month.
Up to 1% APR Loan Discount3
Auto, RV, and Signature Loans.
On or after October 1, to new loans.
Get discounts up to 0.75% APR for your Advantage Plus relationship and 0.25% APR when you elect automatic monthly payments.3
0.25% APY CD Premium4
Non-promotional CDs and IRA CDs.
On or after October 1.
Applies to new and renewing CDs.

We’re making our current Checking rewards program so much simpler with NEW Advantage Plus.

If your account previously enjoyed Advantage, Advantage Plus or e-Checking status, those program rewards will no longer apply beginning October 1. Now, all you’ll need to consider is our new, simpler reward plan.

More about your $10 Advantage Bucks.2

Advantage Bucks credits up to $10 on any previous month’s paid service charges: CU Service Center transactions, paper statements, non-Advia ATM charges, Advia check orders, and overdraft transfers. Starting November 1, this will be applied to your account on the 1st day of each month for charges accrued the month prior. Unused Advantage Bucks do not carry forward to the following month.

Youth and Seniors (under 25 and over 60). We’ve got you covered.

Continue to enjoy FREE paper statements, money orders, cashier’s checks, and check printing (limited style, when purchased through Advia).