Ultimate Savings Rates

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Account Type Promo Period APY* After Promo APY*
Ultimate Savings ($250,000 and above)
4.00% 1.00%
Ultimate Savings ($100,000 – $249,999)
4.00% 0.70%
Ultimate Savings ($500 – $99,999)
4.00% 0.35%
Ultimate Savings ($0 - $499)
4.00% 0.00%
*Promotional Annual Percentage Yield locked in at time of account opening; available on new Ultimate Savings Accounts for first ten statement cycles only; no minimum opening balance, no minimum balance required to earn dividends during the promotional period. After the promotional period, a minimum $500 daily balance is required to earn dividends; the standard tiered rates will apply: $0-$499=0.00% APY, $500-$99,999=0.35% APY; $100,000-$249,999=0.70% APY; $250,000+=1.00% APY. No additional Advantage Plus Rewards rate incentives may be applied. Rates subject to change at any time.