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Advantage Plus Rewards
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Advantage Plus Rewards

Celebrate your financial wins month after month.

  • 5% APY on Checking1
  • Up to $10 Advantage Bucks Monthly2
  • Up to 1% APR Loan Rate Discount3
  • 0.25% APY CD Rate Premium4
  • Earn cash back with Mortgage Advantage Bucks5

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  1. Annual Percentage Yield to be paid on balances held in Regular and Assurance Checking when account activity meets qualifications as Advantage Plus $500 up to $5,000. Balances above $5,000 will earn our non-promotional stated rate with no maximum balance applicable. Dividend rate premium not eligible on balances held in Money Market Checking. Members may hold multiple Checking shares, however promotional rate will be paid on first Regular or Assurance Checking share ID only. See for Advantage Plus qualifications. 
  2. A credit for the amount of service charges incurred, up to $10, will be applied to member's share account following month-end processing for months in which member qualifies as Advantage Plus status. The following service charges are eligible for credit: CU Service Center transactions, paper statement, Advia check orders, non-Advia ATM transactions, and overdraft transfer fees from shares or lines of credit. Advantage Bucks do not carry over to the next month.
  3. Advantage Plus Personal Loan rate reduction = 0.75% Annual Percentage Rate on personal loans only opened on or after 10/1/20, for the life of the loan; additional 0.25% APR discount if automatic monthly payments elected prior to first scheduled payment. Combined discounts may not go below floor rate at time of loan; offer excludes Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit, Business/Commercial Loans, Mortgages, and Visa® Credit Cards.
  4. Advantage Plus CD Rate Premium = 0.25% APY on new CDs opened on or after 10/1/20 (excluding promotional and EZ Saver CDs); will be applied for the full term of the CD held. Early CD withdrawal penalties may apply. See Certificate of Deposit for details. All promotional offers associated with Advantage Plus are subject to change at any time. See for Advantage Plus qualifications.
  5. Mortgage Advantage Bucks is a promotional offer tied to having an Advia Credit Union account meeting all following qualifications: (1) obtained first mortgage loan (applies to conventional residential first mortgages, FHA, and VA; excludes Home Equity Loans and lines of credit) with Advia Credit Union’s partner Mortgage Center on or after February 1, 2023, (2) must have met Advantage Plus Rewards criteria (see program details at in the prior month to be eligible for the scheduled payout the following month, and (3) account is in good standing requirements as required to meet our Advantage Plus Rewards program criteria. When all qualifications are met, member will receive a promotional deposit into their primary share savings by the 15th of the month in an amount equivalent to 0.25% / 365 * # of days per month * prior month-end mortgage loan balance (payment example for $250,000 mortgage loan balance held within qualifying month with 30 calendar days = .0025/365*30*250,000 = $51.36). Promotional payout limited to only those months when all qualifications are met, up to concurrent twelve (12) payouts following month-end when mortgage loan is reported on Advia’s member operating system. Promotional deposits earned will be included in year-end 1099-INT. Promotional campaign effective February 1, 2023, and subject to change at any time. All loans subject to approval.

Restrictions apply. All offers and rates subject to change at any time. All loans subject to approval.