Spring Madness Champion

Chevrolet Buick GMC of St. Clair, MI

BIG $10K Spring Madness Event - 2023 Schedule

WeeksBeginning DayEnding DayParticipating Dealer Partners
1-2Wednesday, Mar. 1Tuesday, Mar. 14All participating dealers compete for sales
3-4Wednesday, Mar. 15Tuesday, Mar.28Top 64 dealers, based on loans tracked in Weeks 1 &2
5-6Wednesday, Mar. 29Tuesday, Apr. 11Top 32 dealers, based on loans tracked in Weeks 3 & 4
7-8Wednesday, Apr. 12Tuesday, Apr. 25Top 16 dealers, based on loans tracked in Weeks 5 & 6; at this point, will be placed into brackets by Advia CU
9-10Wednesday, Apr. 26Tuesday, May 9Top 8 dealers, based on loans tracked in Weeks 7 & 8
11-12Wednesday, May 10Tuesday, May 23Top 4 dealers, based on loans tracked in Weeks 9 & 10
13-14Wednesday, May 24Tuesday, June 6Top 2 dealers, based on loans tracked Weeks 11 & 12

Friday, June 9, 2023
Grand Prize Winner Announced

(based on sales occurring May 24 – June 6)

The official rule book.

Advia Credit Union will track funded loans by Contract Received Date within our member operating system. During the first three (3) bi-weekly rounds, all dealers will participate and top performing dealer partners will advance on to the next round. Based on funded loans obtained from March 29 – April 11, our top Sweet 16 dealer partners will be placed into 1:1 competing brackets against other valued dealer partners. Our final competitors will battle it out for funded sales May 24 – June 6. The champion will be announced on Friday, June 9! This year’s champion dealership will win their choice of $10,000 or a 4% premium reserve for all funded auto loans with Advia occurring June 1 – June 30, 2023.

Thank you for your partnership and good luck to you all!

Have questions?
Contact Lin Buck or Curtis Prater at Advia Credit Union (contact information available on your Advia CU rate sheet).

Frequently asked questions.

Yes you can, the reserve will revert back to non-promotion percentages for markdowns and there would be no incentive to mark up the rate however.  (ie: .5% discount pays 1% reserve)

Reserve will be paid at 4% (total) on all of your deals submitted for funding June 1 to June 30!

Yes the $10,000 prize (reserve bonus) will show up on your July 1, 2023 reserve statement.