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$1,000 Summer Giveaway

It's your chance to win $1,000 this summer.1

Each time you use your Advia Visa® Debit Card and Credit Card, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance win $1,000 cash.1

So go ahead, buy yourself something new, set up recurring payments for your bills, or even send money to your friends and family – just use your Advia Debit or Credit Card. Each purchase or payment counts as one entry. Four winners will be randomly chosen and notified around the 10th of July, August, September, and October!
Store & Online Purchases

Store and
Online Purchases

Whether you’re shopping in person or from the comfort of home, your Advia Debit and Credit Card has you covered.
Bills & Recurring Payments

Bills and
Recurring Payments

Set up to pay your bills or other recurring payments automatically with your Advia Debit or Credit Card.
Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments

(P2P) Payments

Send money to friends and family quickly, easily, and for free with P2P Payments within Digital Banking.
Tap to Pay

Tap to Pay

payWave® technology makes your checkout quick and contactless.
Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Upload your Advia Debit and Credit Card to your Mobile Wallet app for a fast, secure checkout.


Easily replace prior cards with your Advia Debit or Credit Card for your online services.
Need a new Debit Card? Give us a call to have it instantly issued.

Don’t have an Advia Visa Credit Card yet?

We have 3 choices to choose from: Visa® Platinum with Advantage Points, Visa® Platinum Fixed Rate, and Visa® Platinum Variable Rate. Our Visa® Platinum with Advantage Points Card offers amazing cash back benefits: 3% back on dining and delivery, 2% back on gas and grocery, and 1% back on all other purchases.2

New! Get $200 back.3

Use your new Visa Credit Card for 20 purchases totaling at least $2,000 in first two months.