COVID-19 Preparedness & Response

COVID-19 preparedness and response plan.

Advia Credit Union is committed to keeping our team and members healthy by providing a safe environment to work and interact.

24-Hour Digital Solutions

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Financial Security

Remember if we reach out to you, we will not ask for confidential information such as your password, PIN, or other sensitive account information. See the Federal Trade Commission’s advice to consumers on how to protect yourself from scams.

Branch Locations

We make decisions in conjunction with local, state, and federal recommendations, while keeping the safety of our members and team as a priority.
The following plan outlines efforts Advia is taking, created based on information and guidance from the CDC and OSHA at the time of its development, and will be updated based on further information provided by the CDC, OSHA, and other public officials. Advia Credit Union will amend this plan based on operational needs. Renae Sisk, Vice President of Human Resources is Advia’s COVID-19 Workplace Coordinator. She, and her team, are responsible for staying abreast of federal, state, and local guidance and incorporating those recommendations into Advia’s practices.

The responsibilities of Advians.

Advia Credit Union is asking every one of our employees to help with our prevention efforts both at work and while away. In order to minimize the impact of COVID-19 at our branches, everyone must play their part. To support this effort Advia employees are committed to following CDC guidance including:

  • Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer
  • Avoiding touching eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Covering coughs and sneezes
  • Not coming to work when they are ill or have close contact with someone who is
  • Maintaining recommended social distancing and PPE standards
  • Familiarizing themselves with symptoms and exposure risk for COVID-19

In-branch preventative measures.

Minimizing exposure risk continues to be an important means of stopping the spread of COVID-19. Advia is taking multiple steps to minimize exposure.

  • We are educating employees on protective behaviors that reduce the spread of COVID-19 and providing employees with the necessary tools, including:
  • Posting CDC information, including recommendations on risk factors at home and in the community
  • Providing tissues and no-touch disposal receptacles to minimize exposure to infectious secretions
  • Discouraging handshaking and instead encouraging the use of other non-contact methods of greeting
  • Avoiding other employees’ phones, desks, offices, other work tools and equipment, and other commonly touched surfaces when possible. If necessary, we will clean and disinfect them before and after use
  • Avoiding sharing food utensils and food with other employees
  • Encouraging and requiring social distancing to the greatest extent possible while in the workplace
  • Developing protocol for social distancing practices
  • Evaluating areas where employees work within 6 feet of each other and determining options to increase distance apart
  • Providing visual indicators posted outside of entrances
  • Restricting the number of employees and members present on-site
  • Promoting remote work to the fullest extent possible
  • Maintaining increased service capabilities through the drive-thru
  • Restricting employees from the workplace if they display symptoms of COVID-19
  • Actively encouraging sick employees to stay home
  • Actively encouraging employees to stay home if they have been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19
  • Developing protocol to follow if an employee has a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • The HR team at Advia has a fully developed plan to address confirmed COVID-19 cases within its workforce
  • Performing increased routine environmental cleaning and disinfection
  • Instructing employees to sanitize the work areas upon arrival, throughout the workday, and immediately before departure, or whenever necessary
  • Routinely cleaning and disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, keyboards, telephones, handrails, and doorknobs
  • Providing disposable wipes so that commonly used surfaces (for example, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, desks, other work tools and equipment) can be wiped down by employees before each use
  • Eliminate/restricting work-related travel wherever possible
  • Suspending large group gatherings and in-person meetings
  • Employees will complete daily self-screening of symptoms and possible exposure
  • Employees will complete training detailing Advia’s infection control practices, proper use of PPE, and steps to take if they are ill or infected

Advia will also take the following steps to encourage preventative measures in partnership with our members and vendors:

  • Emphasize protecting critical functions and services, while providing alternate options for low-contact service
  • Develop protocol for social distancing adherence in buildings as they open including:
  • Visual indications of six feet distancing
  • Limited occupancy to increase ease of social distancing
  • Increased use of barriers and shields to provide additional protection
  • Maintain ease of access to no-contact and low-contact service options
  • Provide access to hand sanitizer for members
  • Encourage the use of PPE when in branch
  • Limit visits from vendors to only critical needs