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Security on Your Visa® Card

Security on your Visa® Card and important steps taken to protect you and your card.

Advia Credit Union is dedicated to providing the best in security protection on your Platinum Visa® Credit and Debit Card. We understand that you rely on these cards every day for credit and debit purchases. That's why we work hard to prevent possible fraudulent activity made on your account, dispute unauthorized activity on your account, and get you back on track in the least amount of time possible when necessary to reissue your card.


Fraudulent attempts to access cardholder data – data breaches at local and national level.

Though your credit union maintains the highest level of security on your account information, data breaches at merchants may affect your card. Industry experts state that we will see many more breaches in the coming months at both the local and national levels. Expect that your card will be affected at some point in the future and know that we will be here to make the re-issuance process as seamless as possible. Also know that we have a sophisticated global response team working behind the scenes to notify us of possible data breach activity. Their expert knowledge and vigilance help us protect your personal financial data and identity information.

Report Fraudulent Activity

In the case where we are notified of widespread efforts to gain cardholder data, and that your card information was included in the notifications for that compromise, our response is to provide notification and reissue a new card to you. In this case, you are asked to monitor your current card account, and are provided time to receive and activate your new card prior to the cancellation of your current card.

In other rarer cases, when we recognize that your card information was compromised, and fraudulent activity has begun to affect cards related to the same security breach, we may choose to cancel your current card immediately. This measure is taken only in the rare case of recognized fraud, and we will make every possible attempt to notify you promptly via mail, email or phone, and reissue you a replacement card immediately.

When You Report Fraudulent Activity or Dispute a Card Purchase

When you recognize that fraudulent activity has happened on your account or would like to dispute a purchase that has been made to your card, there are five important steps that must occur in order to properly complete the process of obtaining credit back to your account.
Step 1
Contact us immediately. The sooner you contact us, the better we are able to protect you against additional loss. If contacting us during normal business hours, please call 844.238.4228. Outside normal business hours, please call 833.371.8977.

Step 2
Notification is then made on your behalf to our Card Dispute/Fraud Protection Team (Co-Op, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa) to formally place claim of dispute.

Step 3
In order to best serve you, a provisional temporary credit may be applied to your account within two (2) weeks of notification. Your eligibility for this provisional credit is determined by our Card Dispute/Fraud Protection Team (Co-Op).

Step 4
IMPORTANT – FOLLOW UP MAY BE REQUIRED – failure to comply may result in the loss of your provisional temporary credit mentioned above.
  • If this transaction was a disputed purchase, you will be contacted via US Mail or email if further documentation is needed.
  • If this was a fraudulent transaction made to your card, you will be sent an Affidavit of Fraud in the mail – it is very IMPORTANT for you to look for this to be sent to you, as you are required to complete and return it within a timely manner.

Step 5
You will receive an acknowledgement via US mail when your dispute case has been closed.