Customer Monitoring

Routing Number: 272483633

Security on Your Visa® Card

Advia Credit Union is dedicated to providing the best in security protection on your Platinum Visa® Credit and Debit Card.

We understand that you rely on these cards every day for credit and debit purchases. That's why we work hard to prevent possible fraudulent activity made on your account, dispute unauthorized activity on your account, and get you back on track in the least amount of time possible to reissue your Debit or Credit Card.

Visit our blog for more ways to prevent fraud.

Traveling? Let us know to avoid card disruptions.

To allow you uninterrupted access to purchases while traveling, and to help in our fraud prevention efforts, consider setting up a Travel Notification. You can do this through the Cards menu in Digital Banking, by calling us at 844.ADVIA.CU, or by visiting any branch. Please allow at least two (2) business days for your Travel Notification to take effect on your account. Our Card Services Team will be in contact with you if any questions arise.

Report a lost or stolen card.

Can’t find your card? Don’t delay – if you think your card may be lost or stolen, report it to us immediately at 844.238.4228. We can place a temporary hold on your card while you look for it or cancel it so you can get a new instantly issued card at any of our branch locations.

Report fraudulent activity.

At Advia, your card security is our top priority. We provide 24/7 fraud monitoring on your card and are alerted when widespread efforts to gain cardholder data occur. If that happens, we will notify you and issue you a new card at no cost to you. In rare cases, we may cancel a card if we have reason to believe it has already been compromised. This only happens in the rare instance of verified fraud. We will make every possible effort to notify you promptly via mail, email, or phone, and reissue you a free replacement card immediately.

If you notice any suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity on your account, the following process will need to be completed by you or by Advia on your behalf:

Step 1
Contact us immediately. The sooner you contact us, the better we are able to protect you against additional loss. If contacting us during normal business hours, please call 844.238.4228. Outside normal business hours, please call 833.371.8977.

Step 2
Notification is then made on your behalf to our Card Dispute/Fraud Protection Team (Co-Op, headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa) to formally place claim.

Step 3
To best serve you, a provisional temporary credit may be applied to your account within two (2) weeks of notification. Your eligibility for this provisional credit is determined by our Card Dispute/Fraud Protection Team (Co-Op).

Step 4
IMPORTANT – FOLLOW UP MAY BE REQUIRED – failure to comply may result in the loss of your provisional temporary credit mentioned above.
  • If this transaction was a disputed purchase, you will be contacted via mail or email if further documentation is needed.
  • If this was a fraudulent transaction made to your card, you will be sent an Affidavit of Fraud in the mail – it is very IMPORTANT for you to look for this to be sent to you, as you are required to complete and return it within a timely manner.

Step 5
You will receive an acknowledgement via US mail when your dispute case has been closed.

Visa® Fraud Text Alerts

At Advia, your account's security is of the highest importance. Now, your account is safer than ever with new Visa® Fraud Text Alerts. Members with an Advia Visa® Debit or Credit Card who have a mobile number on file will begin receiving alerts via text anytime a potentially fraudulent transaction is detected. These alerts will rapidly prevent any further fraud or loss of funds and help keep your money safe.

Step 1
Potential fraud is detected and a text is sent from 21556 to the mobile number on file.

Step 2
You can respond "N" if the transaction is not fraudulent and "Y" if it's one you don't recognize.

Step 3
In the case of a response of "Y", a temporary block will be placed on the card and you will receive a text asking you to call Advia's Fraud Detection Team immediately.

Is the mobile number on your account correct?

To ensure you receive text alerts, you can update your mobile number within Digital Banking (Menu > Preferences > Update Contact Info) or by calling us at 844.238.4228.