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Home Equity Loans

Pay an Epic ZERO annual fee, pre-payment penalty, and closing costs!1

Home Equity Line of Credit or Fixed Loan?

We’ll guide you through your options and help give you quick access to financing.

Home Equity
Line of Credit

Interest-only payments for 10 years; amortized repayment thereafter
Low variable rate2
$0 annual fee
$0 pre-payment penalty
$0 closing costs1
Accessible for a
10-year draw period
Manage in Digital Banking
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Home Equity

5, 10, or 15-year
repayment terms

Low fixed rate2
$0 annual fee

$0 pre-payment penalty

one-time draw
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Home Equity Line of Credit Rates2

Combined Loan-to-Value at or Below 70%
as Low as
4.25% APR
Combined Loan-to-Value 70% - 80%
as Low as
4.75% APR
Combined Loan-to-Value 81% - 90%
as Low as
5.75% APR

Start planning that remodel, consolidate high interest debt, even take that dream vacation, and more!

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