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Start your next vehicle search with AutoSMART.

Auto Loans as low as 1.99% APR.1

When you buy a new vehicle or refinance your current auto loan, Advia can help you save big with an epically low interest rate. See Reviews | Write a Review
New! AutoSMART shopping tool Zero payments for 90 days2 Save up to 1.00% APR with Advantage Plus Rewards3 Flexible payment terms Competitive interest rates No application fee Coverage options include Mechanical Breakdown Protection, Payment Protection, and Guaranteed Asset Protection


Smarter Car Shopping

Customize a vehicle or search the inventory of Advia’s numerous Dealer Partners all in one place. With AutoSMART, you can also research which make and model is best for you, then calculate the price and get pre-approved for your new vehicle. Find and get pre-approved for your dream vehicle all in one spot, in your favorite spot.

Current Auto Loan rates.

Rates effective as of November 28, 2021.

New Autos
2016 - Current Year

36 Months as Low as
1.99% APR1
48 Months as Low as
2.19% APR1
63 Months as Low as
2.19% APR1
75 Months as Low as
2.44% APR1
84 Months as Low as
3.29% APR1

Used Autos
2014 - 2015

36 Months as Low as
2.74% APR1
48 Months as Low as
2.74% APR1
63 Months as Low as
2.74% APR1
75 Months as Low as
2.74% APR1
84 Months as Low as
3.59% APR1

Older Autos
2006 - 2013

36 Months as Low as
5.25% APR1
48 Months as Low as
6.09% APR1
63 Months as Low as
6.24% APR1
75 Months
84 Months

Advia's Dealer Partner Program

Find a dealership near you that's partnered with Advia Credit Union. Make purchasing your vehicle at the dealership even easier. Get pre-approved for an Advia Auto Loan before you start shopping, take your pre-approval certificate with you when you pick out your new vehicle, and close on your Advia Loan right at the dealership.

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Save up to 1% APR with Advantage Plus Rewards.3

Members who qualify for Advantage Plus Rewards status and open a new Personal Loan, will receive a discount up to 1% APR for the life of the loan.3 Qualifying for Advantage Plus Rewards is easy, and Members can earn:
3% APY

APY on

Advantage Bucks

Up to $10 Advantage Bucks Monthly5

Loan Rate discount

Up to 1%
APR Loan Rate

CD Rate Premium

0.25% APY
CD Rate

Mechanical Breakdown Protection protects your wallet from costly vehicle repairs down the road.

Breakdowns happen, we get it. New and used vehicles alike can sometimes require maintenance for repairs not related to an accident. That’s where Mechanical Breakdown Protection, powered by Route 66, can help you by covering most repair costs which may not be covered by an extended warranty.7

With Guaranteed Asset Protection you can be prepared, and be protected.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is a great way to protect your finances if the value of your vehicle is less than the amount of your loan. Adding GAP may reduce or eliminate the gap between what your vehicle insurance will pay and what you owe on your loan.

At Advia we make being protected affordable. Right now, GAP is as low as $475.8 On average, GAP can cost you as low as $0.18 a day. Members who qualify for Advantage Plus Rewards will receive a $25 discount.9

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