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Avoid Entering a Secure Access Code

How-to Avoid Entering a Secure Access Code Each Time You Log into Digital Banking.

When logging in to Digital Banking, we recommend registering your device(s) to prevent needing a secure access code for future logins.1 If you’ve already registered your device, yet continue to receive secure access codes, your browser may be the issue. To avoid your cache from clearing, we recommended the following steps, so you don’t receive an access code each time you log into Digital Banking.

Please note that in select cases, you may be prompted for a secure access code (e.g., when performing transactions outside typical online activity).

1 We do not recommend registering the device on public computers.

Additional Tips to Prevent Secure Access Codes

  • If it's been 180 days since you updated your password, you will be prompted to re-register your device with a new Secure Access Code for security purposes.
  • Add "" to your list of trusted sites
  • Check your device's anti-virus software to confirm cookies are not regularly being cleared on your behalf

Select Your Browser

To get started, select the browser you frequently use, to prevent needing a secure access code for future logins.
  • Google ChromeGoogle Chrome
  • Microsoft EdgeEdge
  • FirefoxFirefox
  • SafariSafari