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Guided by Our Core Values

Guided by our mission to provide financial advantages, Advia Credit Union proudly serves the financial needs of members throughout Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Our dedicated team and operating principles uphold our core values of acting with integrity, driving progress, building, and strengthening relationships, and keeping people at the core.

Real Advantages for Real People.™

Advia Credit Union’s central philosophy is to conduct business in ways that others benefit in terms of financial advantages.

We define “real advantages” as competitive deposit and loan rates as well as low-cost financial tools that help members save money. We continually invest in new digital technology with the goal of helping people save time. We are driven to expand our geographic footprint to help more individuals, families, and businesses throughout our defined field of membership access competitive financial services. And finally, we are committed to giving back to those we serve and in our communities through volunteerism, sponsorships, grants, and donations.

We consider “Real People” as just that – the everyday people we know, serve, and employ.

These real people include area individuals, families, and businesses. They include our team and vendor partners. And they include an inclusive culture, embracing those with varying income levels, educational and cultural backgrounds, age differences, religious beliefs, ethnic and racial diversity, and all gender and sexual orientations.
Our Service Promises

Our core values mean everything to us.

Our core values provide the foundation for our team culture and brand attributes. This separates us uniquely in the marketplace by delivering exceptional convenience and service experience. Every business decision we make rests within the framework of these values. Furthermore, when external economic, cultural, societal, and political forces bring into question how we respond as an organization, we look to these for guidance.

Act with Integrity

Holding ourselves accountable to doing what’s right.

Hiring and training the right people for the job – those committed to improving our organizational culture and living our mission of providing financial advantages for those we serve.

Fair and equitable operational practices - including adherence to equal opportunity lending standards, and unbiased treatment of members, team, and community partners.

Being honest and transparent in our business decisions, service pricing, products, and member disclosures.

Drive Progress

Forward thinking, being spirited in delivering extraordinary solutions.

Engaging a spirit of innovation – being proactive rather than reactive in developing new digital service tools, both for our membership and for our infrastructure.

Build & Strengthen Relationships

Being the best of who we are by connecting with others around us.

Being visible and active within our communities through volunteerism (committing up to 16 hours each year of paid time for full-time team members to volunteer locally).

Engaging in local sponsorships, financial literacy initiatives and Advia Foundation Advancing Lives Grants each year in all communities where we serve.

Identifying members who have opportunity to save money by transferring higher interest rate loans from other financial institutions, regularly saving $3,000 or more on average over the life of the loan transferred.1