Travel Notification

Never worry about using your Visa cards internationally with our easy travel notifications and essential travel tips

By submitting an online travel notification before traveling out of town or overseas, you’ll ensure uninterrupted access to your funds while keeping your account information safe and secure. Schedule a travel notification with ease through Digital Banking and Card Management or let us know by phone or at any Advia branch.

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When should I notify my credit union that I’m traveling?

Notify us of your travel plans so your card is ready to travel with you. Please allow an hour for your travel notice to be processed when submitting a travel notification online, by phone, or in branch. Our Card Services Team may reach out if we need any additional information from you, so please ensure that your contact info is updated before departure!

Travel Smart: Pro tips for a hassle-free journey.

  • Check Card Limits: Review daily withdrawal and purchase limits on your card - both for purchases and ATM withdrawals - to ensure they align with your travel spending plans.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Carry at least two forms of payment (debit card, credit card, cash) for added security and convenience.
  • EMV Chip Cards: Advia’s Debit and Credit Cards come with an EMV Chip, ensuring wider acceptance at ATMs worldwide.
  • Currency Conversion Fees: Be aware that a 1% currency conversion/international charge per transaction from MasterCard® or Visa® may apply.

Important note on international card use.

For a smooth experience while using your card internationally, please be aware that there are certain regions where your card may face restrictions, even with travel notifications activated.

Check the latest updates.

  • Contact Us Before Traveling: Give us a call at 844.ADVIA.CU (844.238.4228), and our team can provide the latest updates on any country-specific card restrictions.
  • Check Visa® & MasterCard® Websites: Visit the official Visa® and MasterCard® websites for the most up-to-date global card acceptance information.