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Analysis Business Checking

Get added control over account costs and earn credits based on your balance and account activity to offset or eliminate fees.1 A great tool for businesses with large transaction volumes and complex financial needs.
Receive a comprehensive account analysis statement Combine multiple accounts for consolidated fees and analysis Obtain credits on qualified balances to reduce or eliminate fees Access convenient Digital Banking and Online Bill Pay Add optional overdraft protection

Current Analysis Business Checking rates.

Rates effective as of September 28, 2022.

$50,000 and Above
Annual Percentage Yield
0.20% APY
$25,000 - $49,999
Annual Percentage Yield
0.15% APY
$10,000 - $24,999
Annual Percentage Yield
0.10% APY
$2,500 - $9,999
Annual Percentage Yield
0.05% APY
$0 - $2,499
Annual Percentage Yield

Benefits of Analysis Checking.

Offset account fees

account fees and
saves money.

large companies or organizations

Perfect for large companies or organizations.

simplify cash management

simplify cash

Detailed monthly statement

Offers a detailed monthly statement for all linked accounts.

Analysis Checking FAQs.

Frequently asked questions about Analysis Checking.
Who can benefit from Analysis Checking?
Analysis Checking is ideal for companies or organizations with high transaction volumes and more complex financial needs.
What is the function of Analysis Checking?
Analysis Checking helps businesses or organizations with large transaction volumes or amounts simplify their cash management and save money on fees. Multiple accounts can be linked for consolidated fees and analysis. Earnings credit can be accrued based on your average collected balance to reduce or eliminate fees.
What is included in my monthly Analysis Checking statement?
Your statement will detail all cash management transactions along with a breakdown of deposits, withdrawals, fees, and earnings credit.
How are credits calculated?
Analysis Checking tracks activity throughout the month and associates a service price with each activity. When your account is reviewed at the end of each month, the cost for services rendered is offset by potential dividends earned.
How do I open an Analysis Checking account?
Please contact our Treasury Management team who will walk you through the process and customize your account to your business's unique needs.

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