Text Messaging

Why can Advia text me?

At account opening, each member consents to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) which allows Advia to send members account notifications via telephone, text message, or email. See more in the Member Agreement.

How do I opt out?

You can opt out of any of these services by texting STOP to the assigned phone number above or disabling the service via Digital Banking.

Is texting about my account secure?

Yes! We use a secure method of texting to keep your account information safe. Remember, only respond to texts from the above-referenced numbers when communicating with Advia. If you receive a text from a different number, don’t respond, and please let us know. Learn more on our fraud protection page.

How do I check if my mobile number is correct?

Making sure we have your correct mobile number is important to keeping your account secure. To verify, log in to Digital Banking, visit Preferences, then Manage Contact Info.

Loan Reminders

How do I opt out?

Send STOP at any time to 877-626-9600.

What if I’m set up on autopay?

If set up on autopay, no action is required on your part. You will still receive the Loan Reminder text messages unless opted-out.

How can I get help on making my payments?

You can simply reply to the text message or call the number to speak with someone from our Lending team.

Visa Text Alerts

How do I opt out of this service?

You may opt out of these alerts by texting STOP in response to a received alert. Opt back in at any time by calling Advia.

Text Banking & e-Alerts

How do I enroll in Text Banking?

Follow the instructions in our Digital Banking Guide to easily enroll in Text Banking with Digital Banking.

What types of alerts can I set up?

Review our Digital Banking Guide for different types of alerts and how to set them up.

One-Time Passcode

What is EMV 3D Secure?

EMV 3D Secure provides a behind the scenes authentication process that assesses transaction types and determines which are most likely to pose a threat. EMV 3D Secure rules verify the data provided by the merchant about the cardholder to determine if the transaction is valid.

What if the authentication fails, who do I contact?

Call us at 844.238.4228 to verify your contact information and get assistance with your transaction.

Do I need to opt in for this service?

No, all Debit and Credit cardholders are automatically opted in.

How do I opt out of this service?

The only way to opt out of the one-time passcode feature is to reply STOP to 44397 using your mobile device. This is not recommended. If you do this and continue shopping online, you will not receive a One-Time Passcode (OTP) when required for subsequent purchases. You will always receive a failed authentication for these transactions until you opt in to OTP again.

How do I opt back in?

You can opt back in by texting the word RESUME to 44397.