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SavvyMoney Credit Score

Prevent fraud and save money by using SavvyMoney Credit Score within Digital Banking.
View your full credit profile to prevent identity theft See personal offers to refinance outside debt and save money Monitor your up-to-date credit score and make improvements Cause no harm to your credit Access within Digital & Mobile Banking Offered to members for free!

How it works.

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Understand your credit score.

Understand your credit score.

Access your credit score anytime, anywhere. Learn the factors that make up your credit score and get important educational information on how to improve your score with our easy to understand action items. Remember, the better your score, the more you’ll save with lower interest rates on new and existing loans.
Protect your identity.

Protect your identity.

Review your full credit profile. Gain peace of mind in knowing you can keep on top of your credit. And, if you find an account you don’t recognize, SavvyMoney will help you file a dispute with the credit bureau. They even monitor your credit and alert you if there are any changes to your credit profile.

Joint Owner Login Information

If owners on an account share Digital Banking login information, the SavvyMoney Credit Score data will reflect the primary account owner's information only. However, secondary account owners can access their personalized information by enrolling in Digital Banking to obtain their unique login ad password.