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P2P Payments

Send Money Instantly with P2P (Person to Person) Payments!

Send payments directly to friends or family via email or text with P2P (Person-to-Person) Payments! P2P sends money through your debit card.

  • Fast - payments are made instantly from your Debit Card
  • Secure - send within your Digital Banking. When your recipient receives their alert, they'll input their own information without ever needing to share it
  • Convenient - pay family and friends on the go via Mobile Banking or Online - 24/7

It's quick, easy and totally secure to send money. See our instructions below:

Here's How It Works

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Sender: Starting the Process

Log on to Digital Banking. Once in, you will need to select "Move Money" from menu on the left. Then go down and select "Send Money (P2P)". Enter receiver's information into the fields and click "Continue". On the next screen you will need to "Confirm Terms & Conditions" by hitting the "Agree" button.

Select Move Money from menu on the left.
Confirm term and conditions.

Sender: Maintaining Security

After accepting the "Terms & Conditions," you will then need to enter the PIN number associated with the Debit Card you selected to use. Upon entering your PIN, you have now successfully finished the "Sender" process of making a P2P payment transaction.


Enter your PIN#
Transaction Success

Receiver: Someone Sent You a P2P Payment

You will receive a text or email notification that someone you know has sent you a P2P Payment through Advia CU P2P. Click on the link provided in the text or email message. Enter the information requested, be sure to check the "I accept the terms of service" box at the bottom.

You will get a text message
Enter your information

Receiver: Maintaining Security

After accepting the "terms of service" you will then need to verify the debit card information that you provided. Enter the information required and click "Continue". Once the transaction goes through, it'll be reflected in your bank account. You have now completed the process of a P2P Payment.

Congratulations! (Note: Not all financial institutions may be compatible with debit card transfers. In these cases, the receiver needs to be prepared with their checking account and routing numbers for ACH transfers.)

Verify your debit card