About Secure Access Code & Other Login Tips

What is a Secure Access Code (SAC) & what should I expect in receiving my SAC?

Once you select your preferred delivery method, Submit at the bottom of the page.

  • Phone Delivery: If you select phone delivery of your Secure Access Code, you'll receive an automated call from 844.238.4228. Answer the phone normally when the call arrives. You will be prompted to hear your code, and we will give you the option to repeat the code, if necessary. For security, we will not leave a code on voice mail; so, if you miss the call, just repeat the process.
  • Text Message Delivery: If you select text message delivery of your temporary code, you will receive a very simple message containing the requested code. Standard text message fees apply.
  • Email Delivery: If you select email delivery, you will receive a very simple email containing the requested code. If you do not receive this email, please check your "Junk Mail" box. You can configure your "Junk Mail" settings to allow future emails from our address.

Important: You must use the Secure Access Code provided within a short time frame following your request. After a short time frame, the code will no longer be valid. If your code expires, you will need to begin the registration process again.

What happens if my Secure Access Code (SAC) targets are blank or incorrect?

You will need to contact a member service representative via live chat or by phone at 844.238.4228 for assistance.

Will I retrieve a Secure Access Code each time to access Digital Banking?

No, if you are accessing Digital Banking from a personal/trusted computer, you’ll just need to register that device and will no longer have to retrieve a Secure Access Code when accessing Digital Banking from that device. However, you will retrieve a Secure Access Code each time you try to login in to Digital Banking from a device that is not registered.

Why might I be asked for a Secure Access Code if I have already registered my computer?

Your computer must allow cookies. Please check this in your browser settings. You may also need to add "secure.adviacu.org" to your trusted sites list. Note – in select other cases, you may be prompted for a secure access code (e.g., when performing transactions outside typical online activity).

My Joint Account Holder needs a Secure Access Code delivered – Can you help?

Secure Access Codes can only be delivered to phone numbers and email addresses we have on record for the primary account holder. If you have a joint account holder who’s registering their own device with your login credentials, they’ll want the SAC delivered to their own phone or email. To help, following your initial login, click on Preferences>Login Preferences>Secure Access Code Delivery and add their email, phone or text message delivery information. If you do not add their delivery information, they’ll need to select one of your delivery options to receive their SAC (as a reminder, for added security, a SAC will expire in a short time frame less than 30 minutes).

Accessing Account Information

How do I transfer funds?

From the Home Page (Account Summary) click on Move Money, in the side navigation menu.
From that menu, select:

  • Transfer Funds to transfer money within your account
  • Member to Member to transfer funds to another Advia member's account. You may select to make a single, one time, transfer or to link the two accounts so you can transfer at your convenience moving forward. To initiate this, you must know the transfer to account number, share ID and first three letters of the other member's last name
  • To move money to and from accounts outside Advia select ‘Move Money’ and then ‘Add External Account’
How do I view an existing funds transfer?

On the Home Page (Account Summary) click on Move Money, in the side navigation menu. From that menu, select Online Activity and choose from Single Transactions, Recurring Transactions, or Remote Deposited Checks from the tabs across the top of the page.

How do I begin using text banking?

Log on to your account to enable this feature. Once you have enrolled in Text Banking (within the Settings Tab) you can choose from a variety of commands based on what information you want text back to you. Below is a chart showing all commands and functions. (Note – you will need to enable text banking for each sub-account type you wish to access, using the Account Preferences tab in the Settings menu).

Text Command Options Information Received
BAL Request account balance
HIST Request account history
XFER Transfer funds between accounts
LIST Receive list of keywords
HELP Receive list of contact points for information on text banking
STOP Stop all text messages to the mobile device (for text banking SMS alerts/notifications)

Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments

How does P2P (Person-to-Person Payments) work?

P2P allows you to pay your friends and family – instantly!

Step 1: Select Move Money then Pay People (P2P) with Digital or Mobile Banking
Step 2: Enter the recipient’s name, email or mobile number, and the amount
Step 3: Enter the PIN for your Advia Debit Card

The recipient will receive an email or text message (depending on which option you chose) to receive the funds. If their institution participates, they can enter their debit card number to receive the funds instantly, or their routing and account number to receive the funds via ACH within 2-3 business days. The recipient must choose to receive the funds within 10 days or the funds will be returned to the original sender.

e-Statements & e-Notices

Do I need any special software to access e-Statements and e-Notices?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF versions of e-Statements and e-Notices.

How will I know when I have an e-Statement or e-Notice available to be viewed?

You will receive an email notification whenever a new e-Statement or e-Notice is available for viewing.

How long will e-Statements and e-Notices be available for viewing?

e-Statements and e-Notices will generally remain available for viewing for 14 months after they have been posted.

What do I do if having trouble viewing e-documents?

Recent changes to an operating system software such as upgrades, downloads, and/or system enhancements can affect a PC’s ability to connect with secure sites and view PDF documents including our e-Statement site. We recommend trying the following steps:

  • Verify that you are current on all system updates.
  • Un-install and re-install Adobe Acrobat Reader. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html
  • Ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version of your browser.
  • Some pop-up blocker and firewall programs may prevent access to e-Documents. If you utilize these types of applications, you may need to disable certain features of the programs to access e-Documents.

Browser/System Requirements

What are system browser requirements?

Microsoft Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.10 with a supported PC or Mac®. Available browser updates applied for improved security that provide anti-virus and spyware protection. An internet connection with a minimum of 1 Mbps download speed.

Browser Version
Google Chrome Version 99.0
Mozilla Firefox Version 98.0.2
Microsoft Edge Version 99.0
Safari Version 15.3
Microsoft Internet Explorer Not Supported
What requirements may differ via phone/tablet?

Advia's Mobile Banking App will provide members the ability to bank anytime, anywhere, from any device—conveniently and securely. They can download the app on any Android or Apple device from our website, and it will provide a consistent experience with banking from one's desktop.

A valid email address and phone number are required to access our app. Also, the app will function best when the GPS or native mapping app (also known as Location Services) is enabled.

Android Compatibility
Android 7.0 or higher

Apple IOS Compatibility
iOS 12.0 and newer
Apple iPhone 7 and newer models

The following mobile operating systems are not compatible with Advia's Mobile App:
Windows Phone
Kindle Fire
Mobile Connectivity

Connectivity Requirements
5G Supported 4G LTE Supported Wi-Fi Supported

Depositing Checks via our Mobile App (Remote Deposit Anywhere)
A mobile device with a rear-facing camera is required to deposit checks with the mobile remote deposit capture functionality in Advia’s Mobile App.

Remote Deposit Anywhere - Mobile Deposit Capture Compatibility
To deposit checks using the Mobile App, the mobile device being used must have a rear-facing camera with a resolution of at least 5 megapixels.

How do I update my mobile operating system?
Your phone will usually automatically notify you if you have an update. We recommend that you back up your device before updating your operating system (OS). To manually update your device, follow these instructions:
  • Plug in your device, as the update may drain your battery
  • Connect your device to WiFi
  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap the About Device icon (on a tablet, you may need to tap the General tab at the top of the screen first)
  • Tap Software Update (or Update or System Firmware update depending on OS version) at the top of the menu
  • Tap Check for Updates
  • Tap Update. If there is an update available, this button will appear at the top of your screen
  • Tap Install (Reboot and Install, Install System Software)
Why can't I access Digital Banking online?
The browser and version of the browser may be the issue. Do you see the "Stronger Security is Required message"? Please upgrade your browser version based on what browser you currently use. You should be able to access Digital Banking online after you upgrade. If you're still experiencing issues, please call us at 844.238.4228.
How do I update my browser?
As of October 2020, Internet Explorer is no longer compatible with our Digital Banking. To update your browser to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, please review these step-by-step instructions.